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Dental precision medical examination

In a normal dental clinic, the oral health condition is grasped by a tooth decay test, a periodontal disease test, and an X-ray test , but in our hospital, a saliva test is performed by using medical equipment to improve the reproducibility of the normal medical checkup. We carry out detailed tests such as periodontal pathogen test, halitosis test, oral function test, and oral cancer test, and propose the most suitable oral care for each person.

Saliva test
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Dental health

By quantifying the amount, acidity, and buffering capacity of dental caries bacteria and observing the characteristics of saliva

You can see how easy it is to get cavities.

Gingival health

The white blood cell protein level can be used to see the presence or absence of inflammation.

If the number is high, there is a high risk of developing gingival inflammation or periodontal disease.

Oral cleanliness

You can tell if you have bad breath by looking at the value of ammonia.

Detailed halitosis-related values ​​can be measured by performing a halitosis test.

Periodontal disease bacteria test
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The bacterial species that can be tested is called the red complex

We inspect three types of P.gingivalis T.denticola T.forsythia.

If you wish, you can also test for bacteria that are closely related to invasive and gestational periodontitis.

By looking at the test values, you can understand the current state of periodontal disease and the susceptibility to periodontal disease by comprehensively examining the current amount of periodontal disease bacteria in the mouth, the periodontal disease pocket value, and the X-ray.

Halitosis test
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Bad breath is hard to notice, and people around you may be careful. We will objectively detect the components that cause bad breath and propose preventive measures for those who have bad breath.

Oral function test
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Inspect the dryness of the mouth.

Low saliva volume can cause dirty mouth and bad breath.


Measure the strength of your tongue.

There is a movement to chew the food and send it to the back of the throat to harden the food before swallowing. If your tongue is weak, it will fall apart and increase the risk of aspiration and choking.

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Measure the force to close the lips. By training the orbicularis oris muscle, you can balance the muscles around your mouth.

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Measures the force of chewing.

Chewing food well will activate your brain and reduce the risk of aspiration and choking when you make and feed chunks of food.

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Check the occlusal force.

Bite force quotient is the force that crushes food, and as the muscles of mastication weaken, the force of chewing also decreases.

Periodontal disease test
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It measures the depth of the groove between the teeth and gums, called the periodontal pocket.

Because the measured value is likely to be blurred by the operator

Use a machine that can measure with proper force.

Caries inspection
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In addition to inspection and X-ray examination, the black part of the occlusal surface is examined using laser light.

Oral cancer test

A machine called VELscope is used to illuminate the tongue and oral cavity to detect lesions.

For suspicious findings, we will use the oral navigation system to consult a specialist or refer you to a specialized medical institution.

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