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Swallow well during meals, sputum entangled after meals, cannot swallow well
People with symptoms such as fever often suspect dysphagia

Swallowing function evaluation (screening test)

Cognitive, dietary form, respiratory function, vocalization, cervical movement, jaw, tongue, oral function, oral hygiene, pharyngeal function, etc. are quantified as much as possible using various measuring instruments and evaluated objectively and comprehensively.

The swallowing function test is a repetitive saliva swallowing test called RSST, which tests how many times saliva can be swallowed in 30 seconds, and a revised water drinking test called MWST, in which 3 ml of water is swallowed and the sound of breathing and swallowing is observed. ..

In addition, food tests and meal rounds (observation of meals) may be conducted.

Since our hospital is equipped with various devices for evaluating oral function, it is possible to quantify each function and make an objective evaluation.

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RSST (Repeated Saliva Swallowing Test)

A test to check the ability to swallow repeatedly, the patient sits and swallows repeatedly for 30 seconds as much as possible. If swallowing is 2 times or less in 30 seconds, dysfunction is suspected and scrutiny is required. Sensitivity when compared to VF is 0.98 Specificity is 0.66

MWST (Revised Drinking Test)

Inject 3 ml of cold water into the floor of the oral cavity with a syringe, instruct swallowing, and then instruct dry swallowing twice.

If you cannot swallow, have respiratory distress, or have moist hoarseness, 1-3

It can be swallowed without any problem, and additional swallowing is possible, resulting in 4 or 5.

If the score is 3 or less, dysfunction is suspected and scrutiny is required.

Sensitivity compared to VF is 0.70 Specificity is 0.88

【Evaluation criteria】

1 No swallowing, respiratory distress

2 With swallowing Respiratory distress

3 With swallowing Good breathing Wet sound Hoarseness or muffled

4 With swallowing Good breathing

In addition to 54, repeated swallowing is possible twice within 30 seconds

Swallowing endoscopy (VE)

A fiberscope is inserted through the nasal cavity to observe the contraction of the pharynx and the state of the back of the throat. You can check the state of saliva and sputum and the state of food form, intake, posture, and bolus formation by actually using food.

Since it can be carried around, it is possible to go to your home or facility to handle it.

* For organic diseases of the pharynx and larynx, please consult a specialized medical institution.

VE evaluation Hyodo score 7 points or less Oral intake possible 8 points Rehabilitation examination 9 points or more Oral intake difficult

1 Saliva retention

2 Inducing cough reflex and glottic closure

3 Inducing swallowing reflex

4 Clearance after swallowing

Each item is evaluated on a scale of 0 to 3

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Swallowing contrast examination (VF)

From the place where you actually eat liquid or food containing barium under fluoroscopy and ingest it into the oral cavity, to chewing, tongue movement, bolus formation to pharyngeal movement, residual condition, laryngeal invasion, esophageal opening Observe the flow.

It is effective for diagnosing subclinical aspiration, which is difficult to observe by VE test.

4 points to evaluate during VF

・ Dynamics of bolus (chewing, bolus formation, transfer)

・ Position of the tip of the bolus

・ Identification of aspiration or laryngeal invasion (before swallowing, during swallowing, after swallowing)

· Amount and location of oral or pharyngeal residue

NIH-Swallowing Safety Scale

1 Residual epiglottis valley

2 Laryngeal invasion from the hypopharynx to the vestibule

3 Residual pear-shaped fossa

4 Laryngeal invasion from the pear-shaped fossa into the larynx vestibule

5 Passing through the bolus of the upper esophagus

6 Aspiration

0 None 1 Yes and a high judgment score indicates that the failure is severe.

Judgment is made according to the condition of the oral cavity.

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Swallowing rehabilitation

Information sharing and swallowing rehabilitation information will be shared in collaboration with other industries using a free app.

Since we value follow-up after the examination, we will set short-term goals and long-term goals and make a rehabilitation plan.

We share swallowing evaluation test results, VE videos, VF videos, rehabilitation videos, rehabilitation records, etc., listen to the opinions of the patient's doctor, and work on rehabilitation.

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Application inspection flow

First of all, please contact us by phone or HP.

If you are outpatient, please make a reservation as it is.

In case of a visit, the person in charge will contact you back and arrange the schedule.

Saitama Oral Rehabilitation Dental Clinic


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