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Oral beauty menu

The beauty of the mouth and the white teeth impress a better smile. We pursue the beauty of the mouth in total, from oral esthetics and oral reflexology to whitening and treatment of dentition using a mouthpiece.

We will respond to requests in various scenes such as weddings, various events, and photography.

We have various menus, so please feel free to contact us.

Oral Beauty Premium Course
・ Oral counseling
・ Brushing

We will carefully ask questions about any problems or concerns in your mouth.

Easily remove dirt from your mouth with a toothbrush.

・ Scaling

Remove tartar with water and vibration using an ultrasonic scaler.

・ PMTC (Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaninng)

Brush the surface of the teeth and the space between the teeth with a paste specially designed for dental clinics.

・ Rinamel treatment

Treats the unevenness of the tooth surface, making the surface smooth.

・ Tongue cleaning

Use a special gel and tongue brush to clean the tongue's hard-to-remove stains.

・ Gum massage

Massage while pressing the special gel and the acupoints of the gums over the entire gums.

・ Lip beauty treatment salon

Finally, infiltrate a special gel to moisturize and moisturize the lips.

Office whitening

Opal Essence Boost is an office whitening agent that can be used in domestically licensed dental clinics.

Since it contains 20% or more of water, it prevents enamel from decalcifying and makes it difficult for hypersensitivity to occur.

Although there are individual differences, results can be obtained with 1 to 2 hours of treatment.

Benefits ・ Can be whitened on the spot with a single visit

・ It is easy to feel that it has turned white

Disadvantages ・ Teeth may stain after treatment

・ If you go back or the color does not change, you will need to go to the hospital several times.

Home whitening (4).png

Home whitening is a method of whitening performed at home using a tray made by molding at a dental clinic. Opal essence is used as in the office, and the effect can be obtained in about 2 weeks to 1 month.

We have 10% urea peroxide approved in Japan and 35% imported directly from overseas for those who want higher effect faster. For 10%, use about 8 hours a day, and for 35%, use about 30 minutes a day.

Benefits ・ You can use it at your own pace

・ The effect lasts a long time

・ It tends to be natural white

Disadvantages ・ It is troublesome because you have to do it yourself

·time consuming

・ Your teeth may stain

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Mouthpiece correction

We perform orthodontic treatment using a mouthpiece called Aso Aligner of ASO International.

Mild crowding of anterior teeth (rattling of dentition) Midline dehiscence Suitable for relapse of orthodontic treatment.

* Orthodontic treatment using conventional wires for molar occlusion and difficult cases

Use the mouthpieces simulated on the computer in order to align the teeth.

・ First consultation

Molding of a model for a mouthpiece

・ Second time

If necessary, add space (make a space by putting a file between the teeth called disking)

Occlusion adjustment

Hand over 3 months worth of mouthpieces (soft, medium and hard are used in a 1-month cycle)

* After that, change the mouthpieces in order at home and come back to the hospital 3 months later.


・ Since it is a transparent mouthpiece, it is inconspicuous

・ Hygienic because it can be removed

・ Economical because the cost is low


・ Must be attached for 20 hours or more a day

・ Since the number of cases is limited, it is not suitable for difficult cases.

・ Immediately after wearing, the tongue becomes worse (gets used with use)

Orthodontic consultation is free of charge, please feel free to contact us.

Orthodontic treatment cost ¥ 165,000 ~ (tax included)

* Depends on the treatment period and difficulty level, the cost can be reduced for midline dehiscence and mild twisting that heal in a short period of time.


Before treatment

4 months later


After treatment


6 months later

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