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Reception / product sales corner

We have various oral care goods, swallowing rehabilitation goods, and long-term care foods.

We also have rare products exclusively for dental clinics, so please feel free to drop by.

Waiting room

We have a spacious circular sofa centered on foliage plants. Oral frail information magazines and water servers are also available. Materials are also available at the exhibition corner, so please feel free to take a look. Please relax and wait until you hear from us


In addition to general dental care, we have set up a unit for oral beauty and oral examination.

It is a semi-private room separated by partitions, and has a large space.

We have various inspection equipment and oral care products.

Kids space

Preventive measures such as applying fluoride to children Oral function measurement This room provides dietary guidance and rehabilitation guidance.

It can also be used as a kids' space for children with you to play and wait.

We have toys and picture books for children to relax.

Oral function laboratory

Tongue pressure measurement, lip pressure measurement, masticatory force measurement, bite force measurement, oral dryness measurement

This room is for oral diade cokinesis (automatic counting of pronunciations).

Objectively quantify and record the condition of the muscles of the mouth related to eating.

Oral examination room

This room is used for saliva test, bad breath test, periodontal disease test, and oral cancer test.

Use a reclining chair to relax.

VE laboratory (functional training room / swallowing endoscopy room)

Insert an endoscope through the nose and check for bolus formation, glottic reflex, cough reflex, pharyngeal contraction, pharyngeal residue, delayed reflex, and laryngeal invasion while actually using food.

We offer a variety of food forms and tastes such as long-term care foods, rice crackers, and sweets.

* If any organic abnormality is found, we will introduce you to a specialized institution.

In addition, swallowing and oral rehabilitation will be taught and actually performed in this room.

VF laboratory (swallowing contrast examination room)

Use contrast-enhanced ingredients to check for food predation, tongue movement, chewing, feeding, and aspiration.

It is effective for cases of subclinical aspiration (no reflex of swelling occurs).

While watching the video from the VF control room, give various instructions and shoot a video of the functions from the oral phase to the pharyngeal phase.

Counseling room

This room is used for medical interviews, counseling, and second opinions.

We will present various materials to answer the patient's concerns.

If you have any concerns about treatment, consultation on medical treatment policy, consultation on your child's mouth, etc., you can consult with us.

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